All-embracing test infrastructure

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Welcome to Tapper

Current status

Tapper as a project was acquired by Amazon Dresden in 2013. A big open-source release for scaling up is polished and prepared there and waits for approval. Some parts were already approved and got pushed to github but some essential parts are still missing (mostly the WebGUI, the Benchmarks refactoring, and the MCP aka. Master Control Program scheduler). Until those parts also get pushed to github the Tapper project is in limbo of public maintenance and only living forth in the corporate world. If you are interested or you are an old user of Tapper please respectfully ask them for giving the approval on the "February 2015" release.

Tapper is...

  • a test infrastructure.
  • designed to allow an easy start.
  • designed to extend to complex test labs
  • able to unify lots of different use-cases under a common umbrella
  • generic enough to compete with the future
  • mature

Tapper originated...

at AMD's Operating System Research Center where it served as umbrella for all QA. It integrates 10+ years of QA know-how and Linux testing expertise since 2008. As of 2014 it is in active use and development at AWS. It also provides the technology behind the Perl benchmarking infrastructure Perl::Formance.

Tapper provides...

  • extreme continuous integration through setting up complete machines from scratch, either image-based or via kickstart/autoyast/preseed.
  • alternative easy local or ssh-based test invocation
  • test facilities for the Linux kernel, virtualization based on Xen and KVM, and running in simulators (like simnow)
  • support for lots of other scenarios, like suspend/resume or distributed network tests
  • benchmark tracking facilities
  • powerful, advanced query language for test result evaluation and forensics
  • a powerful scheduler to maximize utilization of a machine pool with different use-cases organized in bandwidth-driven queues

Tapper APIs...

  • are easy, without requiring dependencies to talk to them
  • allow integration of your existing infrastructure with nothing more like shell scripts using "echo" and "netcat"

Tapper encourages...

the use of language diversity for writing tests by building upon TAP, the mature "Test Anything Protocol", supported in about 20 programming languages.

Tapper co-operates...


  • autotest
  • Codespeed
  • TaskJuggler
  • any TAP emitters

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